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2017 Legislative Session Update - Week 1

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Dear Friends,

The first week of the Virginia General Assembly 2017 Legislative Session has come to a close. We've had a packed, productive week!  We began our first day at the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast, connecting with friends and colleagues across Virginia, turning our eyes toward God as we strive to work together toward worthy, common goals. The Senate Republican Caucus also welcomed our newest member, Senator Mark Peake. Finally, we ended the day with the Governor's State of the Commonwealth Address. A great start to session!

Throughout the pre-session season, I’ve sought feedback from constituents on which issues top their list of concerns. Unsurprisingly, the economy far and away continues to be the number one issue of respondents in my district. Although there are many important issues we will address in the General Assembly, the average Virginian is most concerned about providing for themselves and their families.

Therefore, as I mentioned in my update on the first day of session, my focus will continue to be practical ways to boost the economy and Virginia businesses, by furthering an environment in which businesses large and small may thrive, employing more Virginians along the way. Additionally, I will introduce election reform legislation, recognizing the political diversity of the Commonwealth while maintaining the integrity of the electoral college.

This week, one of my committees has met to hear bill presentations, we've had numerous constituent meetings, and I and my fellow legislators have been finalizing our bills for today's deadline. A very full week!

Thank you for the privilege of serving as the Senator from the eleventh senatorial district. I look forward to hearing from you or visiting with you this session!


Amanda Chase


2017 Legislative Goals - Senator Amanda Chase

  •  Ease the tax burden on small businesses during their first five years, statistically the most difficult years for any new business.
  • Reform the gross receipts tax so that businesses are taxed on their net, not their gross receipts
  • Lowering our corporate tax rate to 2.5% in order to be more competitive with bordering states.
  • Address regulatory reform and reducing red tape in order to lessen unnecessary burdens on financial and human resources for both the government and businesses
  • Requiring a photo I.D. for absentee ballot voters to limit fraud
  • Requiring third party groups to register with the State Board of Elections for transparency and accountability
  • Limiting members of the General Assembly to twelve years per office
  • Increasing the residency requirement from five to eight years for candidates for Governor
  • Reforming how the Commonwealth allocates its 13 electoral votes to better reflect the political diversity of Virginans
  • Upholding our Second Amendment rights
  • Supporting education and innovative solutions for increasing success for our students
  • Efficiency, accountability, and transparency will continue to be focus points for my initiatives

P.S. For a complete list of my bills, see LIS


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