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2017 Legislative Session Update - Week 3

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Dear Friends,

The third week of the 2017 Legislative Session has come to a close. We've addressed quite a few of the  over 2,000 bills and resolutions that are before us to consider. I've included various lists to help you navigate through all the information pertaining to session. 

The Constitution of Virginia places the responsibility of approving a budget with the General Assembly every two years. Even though this is a non-budget year, we are focused on amending a two-year budget that was put into place during the 2016 session. 

The House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance Committees work separately to come up with their proposals. The differences between the two proposals are ironed out between the two chambers. Then, a final, single spending plan approved by both chambers is sent to the Governor.

The Virginia State Police have had significant challenges retaining our state troopers due to the pay disparity between the State Police and other law enforcement professionals within the Commonwealth. Le gislators in both chambers have been working together on this Republican priority since before the session began. As a result, the budget package includes a substantial, double-digit pay raise for State Police and a 3% raise for classified state employees. I, personally, have been advocating for wage increases for our teachers, despite the shortfall. The final details of the budget proposals will be announced on February 5. 

I am so thankful for each of you who have made the trip to Richmond or contacted my office to share your concerns with me. I look forward to seeing you during session or hearing from you on the issues.  




Amanda Chase

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