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2017 Legislative Session Update - Week 2

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Dear Friends,

The second week of the 2017 Legislative Session has come to a close. With over 2,000 bills and resolutions to consider, we are working hard! I've included various lists to help you navigate through all the information pertaining to session. 

We're reviewing a lot of reform legislation - election reform, tax reform, education reform, and regulatory reform. I am working on bills that fall within each of the categories, and will keep you updated on the status of each of them. I am very excited about the Regulatory Management and Red Tape Reduction Commission, SB1449, that I've introduced in the Senate. Members in both houses are working hard on legislation such as this one to reduce burdensome, outdated, or unnecessary regulations where we can. While there are many regulations that are needed for health and safety, there are many that need to be reconsidered. We need to increase transparency, accountability, and effectiveness within government, while removing the barriers to job creators by reforming our onerous regulatory burden.

I am so thankful for each of you who have made the trip to Richmond to share your concerns with me. I look forward to seeing you during session or hearing from you on the issues.  



Amanda Chase


To view the full weekly update, click here!

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